ITTF Ranking Point Table

Many friends are not familiar with the rules of competition points when watching table tennis matches, and in the new version of the ITTF ranking points rules, the rules of various competition points are not clearly listed, which makes everyone feel unable to change the ranking points in each period. "Tracing the source".Therefore, today we are going to talk about the sources of ITTF player points and the points rules of each event.

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ITTF Women Ranking Dec. 2020 (ITTF Women Ranking Dec. 12)

After the ITTF announced the restart of the tournament, the Women’s World Cup was held in China in November.finals,withWTTMacau game.In these three major events, players participating in the World Cup and the finals can earn corresponding points. With the end of all events in November, the ITTF women’s world rankings and player points have also changed correspondingly in December.

Among the top 12 ITTF Women’s World Rankings in December, the Chinese team occupied 10 people, the Japanese team occupied 7 people (Ito Mima, Ishikawa Kasumi), and 2 Chinese Taipei (Zheng Yijing).Among them, Chen Meng ranked first in the world with 1 points, leading the second place with 19750 points; Sun Yingsha surpassed Mima Ito to rank second in the world; Mima Ito ranked third; Liu Shiwen fell from fourth in the previous world ranking. Seventh place; Wang Yidi rose from the twelfth place in the previous world ranking to the tenth place, breaking into the world's top ten ranking for the first time in his career.

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ITTF Men Ranking Dec. 2020 (ITTF Men Ranking Dec. 12)

Since the ITTF announced the restart of the tournament, the Men's World Cup, Women's World Cup, Finals, and WTT Macau Table Tennis "Bubble Tournament" were held in China in November.Guoping performed outstandingly in the competition and won the championship and runners-up in all competitions. Among them, Fan Zhendong tied the record of 11 World Cup titles of Chef Ma and became the new "Mr. World Cup"; "Hexagon Warrior" Ma Long was even more successful. Old and strong createdITTF FinalsThe god of "6 crowns".

versusWTT matchesDifferent, players participating in the World Cup and the finals will get corresponding points, and the points will be counted in the world rankings of the month.Therefore, with the men’s World Cup and the end of the finals, the ITTF men’s world rankings have also changed accordingly, so let’s take a look.ITTF Men's World Ranking and Player Points in December 2020.

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ITTF Grand Finals

After the ITTF announced the resumption of the tournament in September, the men’s team was held in China in November.World Cup, Women’s World Cup, Finals and other major events, the national table tennis outstanding performance in these competitions, and won the championship and runners-up in all competitions.Today, let’s talk about the ITTF Tour Finals.

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What is a table tennis world champion? (Table Tennis World Champions)

There is a popular saying in the Chinese table tennis industry that “it’s okay to win a world championship, and you have to work hard for a national championship”. It is generally believed that it is far more difficult for players to win a national championship than it is to win a world championship.So, how exactly is a world champion in table tennis defined?Is it really that easy to get a world championship in table tennis?

Today, let us talk about the world champions of table tennis.

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The nicknames (nicknames) and origins of 60 Chinese and foreign table tennis players (Table Tennis Player Nicknames)

I believe that when watching a live ping-pong game, everyone often hears that the commentator calls the player's nickname instead of the name. However, many fans are not familiar with the nickname (or nickname) of the table tennis player, let alone the source of the nickname. Today I have compiled a summary of the nicknames of famous table tennis players at home and abroad, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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What is WTT? What events does WTT have? (World Table Tennis)

WTT (World Table Tennis) The Chinese name is the World Table Tennis Professional League, referred to as the World Table Tennis Federation, byITTFEstablished in August 2019. The mission of WTT is to upgrade and reform the current ITTF tournaments to enhance the professionalization and commercialization of table tennis, encourage more people to participate in table tennis, and thereby increase the global influence of table tennis. On June 8, 2020, the ITTF announced that Liu Guoliang, chairman of the Chinese Table Tennis Association, will be the chairman of the WTT Council.

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ITTF World Rankings in November 2020 (including Chinese and British names of athletes)

Affected by the epidemic in 2020, the ITTF has successively announced the cancellation of a series ofTour,Challenge. On September 9, the ITTF announced the restart of the world rankings and announced the 7 men and womenWorld CupWill be held in Weihai, Shandong,ITTF FinalsIt will be held in Zhengzhou, Henan, and the competition points will also be included in the world rankings.However, when we are watching media reports, we always encounter the English names of table tennis players, and we are instantly bewildered. Who is Tomokazu? ? ?

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What is the Grand Slam in Table Tennis (Grand Slam in Table Tennis)

For a professional table tennis player, winning the "Grand Slam" is their lifelong pursuit, and the "Grand Slam" is also the greatest affirmation of the athlete's career.Since 1992, 10 "Grand Slam" winners have been born in the world table tennis world. They represent the highest level of table tennis in different periods.

Today, let's talk about those things about the table tennis grand slam.

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Introduction to ITTF World Tour (ITTF World Tour)

The ITTF World Tour is a major international table tennis event, second only toWorld Table Tennis Championships, The Olympic Games, the World Cup, the world’s highest level of table tennis competitions.

Through the following introduction to the ITTF World Tour knowledge, let us understand the history of the ITTF World Tour, the Open Tournament, the finals of the Tournament and the future development direction of the ITTF World Tour.

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